Let Us Rejoice!


Let Us Rejoice!

australia-map-flag[1]by Kate

For we are overrun with amazing Australian authors and stories that are just tailor-made for an Australia Day beach holiday weekend.

Well, perhaps not in Melbourne. It’s going to be rainy and cold here. Melburnians – you take your books inside and cuddle up out of the wet.

We’re so proud of all our authors and their fantastic stories, particularly about how varied and wide-reaching they are – from all over Australia and New Zealand and the world. Barring Tasmania (c’mon, Tassie authors! Get cracking!) we have representation from every State and Territory and stories set in all but one – again Tassie (seriously, Tassie – get a wiggle on!).  We have construction managers and lawyers, space pirates and sky divers, rescue workers and programmers, speech pathologists and soldiers and dancers and childcare workers and chefs. We have uptight workaholics and loose free spirits, we have strong family ties and loners, communities and connections. We cover the spectrum from very sweet to seriously sizzlingMistaken Engagement.

We even have a Australia-day-set short story from Jenny Schwartz.  Mistaken Engagement features a beach house, a bikini, a face-saving announcement, and a long-kept secret. At only 66 e-pages, it’s the perfect length for an hour’s getaway – a mini break to Western Australia with Grace and Saul.

In short, I think our authors are doing a damned good job of helping us achieve our mandate: bring Australia and New Zealand to the world. So thanks to all of you for writing such fantastic stories, thanks to the readers who are letting us know what you love and what you’d like to see, thanks to the bloggers who have shared our stories, and thanks to the Harlequin family who have made us welcome. Happy Australia Day.

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