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Looking for the perfect Holiday gift for your Bookish Bestie? We have you covered with our 2022 Bookish Gift Guide!


Looking for the perfect Holiday gift for your Bookish Bestie? We have you covered with our 2022 Bookish Gift Guide!

Buying gifts for people during the holiday season can be tough at the best of times, but with book lovers it gets even more *complex*. Do you get them a book? Where do you start? You don’t want to buy them a book they’ve already read, but you also don’t want to take a stab in the dark and buy a book they may dislike! It’s a conundrum.

Not to fear! We here at are here to aid you! Below is a list of some of this year’s hottest releases and other bookish themed gifts that even the most picky of readers would love in their life!



For the young adult fan… If You Could See The Sun by Ann Liang

No secret is safe.

Alice Sun has always felt invisible at her elite Beijing international boarding school, where she’s the only scholarship student in a sea of uber-wealthy classmates. But she has a plan: be top in the class, attend a prestigious university, secure a killer job, and finally lift her family out of poverty.

Then her parents drop a bomb — they can no longer afford her tuition, even with the scholarship. But that’s the least of Alice’s problems, because she has started uncontrollably turning invisible. As in completely, physically invisible.

Alice realises there’s an upside to her strange new power — unparalleled access to the secrets of China’s most rich and influential teens. Soon, Alice has a new plan: offer her invisibility services to find out what her classmates want to know — for a price.

But between balancing schoolwork, a growing relationship with academic-rival-turned-business-partner Henry, and stealing secrets, things start to fall through the cracks. As the tasks escalate from petty scandals to actual crimes, Alice must decide if helping her family is worth losing her conscience — or even her life.

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For the lover of libraries… The Library at Wagtail Ridge by Janet Glover

An unexpected and unusual inheritance sets a young woman on the road to discover her mother’s deepest secret. A charming and heartfelt rural romance perfect for readers of Rachael Johns and Karly Lane.

When Lou Taylor inherits a quaint country cottage and a mobile library full of books from her birth mother, she heads to the small town of Wagtail Ridge to learn more about the woman she never knew. Curiously, the last piece of the bequest is a handwritten letter, the first of many Luca left scattered along the library’s route in hopes of finally sharing her secrets with the daughter she had to give up.

The townspeople of Wagtail Ridge flock around Lou, wanting to share the stories of Luca’s life, but she knows she must learn about her birth mother in the way Luca intended. Jake Barnes, her new neighbour, offers to help her follow the trail, but weighing on his conscience is a promise he made to Luca – a secret that now stands between him and the woman who’s slowly capturing his heart…

As the kilometres fly by, Lou gradually untangles who her mother was and what lay behind the choices she made. At the same time, she finds herself drawing ever closer to kind, handsome Jake. But will it

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For the die-hard romantic… Would You Rather by Allison Ashley

Would you rather play it safe in the friend zone, or risk it all with a modern marriage of convenience?

Noah and Mia have always been best friends. Life is going great for Noah and he’s up for a promotion in a job he loves. But Mia’s life is on hold as she awaits a kidney transplant. She’s stuck in a dead-end job and, never wanting to be a burden, has sworn off all romance. So when the chance of a lifetime comes to go back to school and pursue her dream, it’s especially painful to pass up. She can’t quit her job or she’ll lose the medical insurance she so desperately needs.

To support her, Noah suggests they get married – in name only – so she can study full-time and still keep the insurance. It’s a risk to both of them, with jobs, health and hearts on the line, and they’ll need to convince suspicious coworkers and nosy roommates that they’re the real deal. But if they can let go of all the baggage holding them back, they might realise that they would rather be together forever.

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For the historical-buff…The Forthright Woman by Darry Fraser

Widow Marcella Ross won’t let anything – or anyone – stop her from discovering the truth behind a deadly family mystery … Mystery and romance collide in this compulsive historical adventure from a bestselling Australian author.

1898, South Australia

At the gateway to the Flinders Ranges lies Kanyaka Station, once a thriving sheep and cattle property, now abandoned and in ruins. But a discovery in her late mother’s papers draws recently widowed Marcella Ross out to its remote landscape in search of clues to the disappearance of her Uncle Luca, an Italian immigrant whose fate seems to have been bound up in that of his mysterious partner – also long-since vanished. When Marcella is accosted by a daunting stranger, she discovers he too is entangled in the secrets of the past. Tragedy and obsession threaten Marcella’s fragile independence, so how far will she have to go to unlock the secrets of Kanyaka – or solve the puzzle of her own future?


After learning that they are unlikely to have children, Frances and Joe MacDonald have taken the unusual step of buying a caravan and travelling together through the outback. They stop at Kanyaka Station, where Fran becomes mesmerised by the past. Family lore holds that an ancestor met an untimely end amid the desolate ruins. But what truly happened, and to whom, at the isolated station? As fate alters the course of her life, Fran’s footsteps echo another woman’s from so long ago …

As the mystery unravels, will these two women have the chance to take control of their own destinies?

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For the Swifties… The Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston

Florence Day is a ghost-writer with one big problem. She’s supposed to be penning swoon-worthy novels for a famous romance author but, after a bad break-up, Florence no longer believes in love. And when her strict (but undeniably hot) new editor, Benji Andor, won’t give her an extension on her book deadline, Florence prepares to kiss her career goodbye.

Although when tragedy strikes and Florence has to head home, the last thing she expects to see is a ghost at her front door. Not just any ghost, however, but the stern form of her still very hot – yet now unquestionably dead – new editor.

As sparks start to fly between them, Florence tells herself she can’t be falling for a ghost – even an infuriatingly sexy one. But can Benji help Florence to realise love isn’t dead, after all?

If you fell in love with Beach Read, The Love Hypothesis and The Hating Game, this laugh-out-loud romance packed with sizzling chemistry will give you all the feels!

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For the lover of small-town stories… Jillaroo From Jacaranda by Mandy Magro

Falling in love was never part of her plan … A captivating contemporary romance about new beginnings and risking it all from bestselling Australian author Mandy Magro.

What happens when fate sends you just the right person at just the wrong time?

Rose Jones is twenty-two, and has followed in her mother’s footsteps working with horses as a champion barrel racer. Hard on the heels of being dumped by her fiance comes Rose’s determination to chart her own path in life from now on. But meeting handsome bull rider Ty Parker wasn’t part of the plan.

After bonding at the Joneses’ family Christmas, Rose accepts Ty’s offer of a quaint country cottage on his outback station as a bolthole to focus on her writing and sorting through her feelings. Here among the beauty of the bush landscape she finds surprising adventure and friendships, but is taking a risk on love worth the gamble of breaking her heart all over again if it all goes wrong?

Bestselling Australian author Mandy Magro returns with a standalone rural romance set in the world of Mandy’s novel Jacaranda.

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For those who love a Netflix Holiday rom-com… The Princess Sister Swap by Jessica Gilmore


Being a stand-in princess was easy…until she met the Vicomte!

Secret half-sisters Clem and Princess Arrosa have always wanted to walk in each other’s shoes! So when Arrosa needs time out, it’s the perfect chance. Posing as her sister seems simple for Clem…until Vicomte Akil D’Ortiz, Arrosa’s friend and potential convenient suitor, arrives unannounced, immediately recognising she is not the princess. And suddenly the real connection Clem develops with Akil makes life truly complicated…

Princess Arrosa

When a royal escape — leads to off-limits love!

Princess Arrosa is about to become Crown Princess. Facing pressure to marry, she’s escaped to Cornwall courtesy of her half-sister, Clem. Yet Rosy never expected her much-needed getaway to become a summer romance…she certainly never meant to fall for ex bad-boy turned single dad, Jack and his adorable daughters — or he with her! They don’t belong in each other’s world, but can they let each other go?

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For those who love a bit of a cry… The Echoes of Love by Jenny Ashcroft

Under the Cretan sun, in the summer of 1936, two young people fall in love…

Eleni has been coming to Crete her entire life, swapping her English home for cherished sun-baked summers with her grandfather in his idyllic shoreside villa. When she arrives in 1936, she believes the long, hot weeks ahead will be no different to so many that have gone before.

But someone else is visiting the island that year too: a young German man called Otto. And so begins a summer of innocence lost, and love discovered; one that is finite, but not the end.

When, in 1941, the island falls to a Nazi invasion, Eleni and Otto meet there once more. But this time Eleni has returned to fight for her home, and Otto to occupy it. They are enemies, and their love is not only treacherous, but also dangerous. But will it destroy them, or prove strong enough to overcome the ravages of war?

An epic tale of secrets, love, loyalty, family and how far you’d go to keep those you love safe, The Echoes of Love is an exquisite and deeply moving love letter to Crete – one that will move every reader to tears.

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For the reader who loves tropes… When Sparks Fly by Ally Blake & Rachael Stewart

They can only resist each other for so long…

When Opposites Attract – Ally Blake

Interview with a billionaire.A fling that’s not supposed to last…

Quirky Adelaid yearns to be taken seriously as a journalist — writing an article on genius Ted Fincher is the perfect way. But when she meets this tall hunk of gorgeousness, the frisson of attraction between them is completely distracting! She should suppress her exuberance long enough to discover why Ted’s heart is so guarded…yet she can’t resist bowling headlong into an affair — one that has shocking consequences!

Temptation Calls – Rachael Stewart

My twelve months of sacrifice…or temptation?

My foster mother’s will states I, Summer, must live with her grandson, infamous billionaire Edward Fitzroy, for one year on her Scottish estate or we forfeit our inheritance! Years ago, scared of our intense connection, I left without saying goodbye. Now, I’m completely unprepared for how devastatingly attractive Edward’s become — and how he still makes me feel. We’re from different worlds, surely this can’t work! But it’s oh-so tempting to give into the sparks flying between us…

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For people who want a touch of *spice*…Greek Playboys by Clare Connelly, Annie West & Jane Porter

The Prince’s Scandalous Wedding Vow – Jane Porter

When sweet scientist Josephine rescues a drowning stranger, she’s captivated by his devastating good looks and charm. Alexander doesn’t remember who he is, but the desire in his eyes sweeps innocent Josephine on an intensely passionate journey! Until it’s revealed he’s Prince Alexander, heir to the throne of Aargau…now the threat of scandal means this shy Cinderella must become a royal bride!

Bought For The Billionaire’s Revenge – Clare Connelly

Innocent socialite Marnie Kenington was devastated when her parents forced her to spurn Nikos Kyriazis. She’s never forgotten him, nor his raw sensuality. So years later, when Nikos insists on a meeting, Marnie’s heart leaps…until Nikos strikes a cold, hard deal. Her family is on the verge of bankruptcy and he will rescue them — if she becomes his wife!

Marnie’s rejection drove self-made billionaire Nikos to unimaginable success. Now, he’ll take his revenge. Marnie’s poise is legendary, but he knows in the bedroom he can take her apart, piece by sensual piece…

The Greek’s Forbidden Princess – Annie West

News of a tragic accident plunges Princess Amelie’s life into turmoil. To escape the swarming press, she takes her newly orphaned nephew and runs, seeking the protection of one man.

Lambis Evangelos desires Amelie beyond all reckoning, but refuses to taint her radiant beauty with the guilt of his past. For years he’s resisted his longing for her luscious body — until Amelie’s arrival at his doorstep draws him too close to her forbidden temptation. His secluded Greek island is a refuge from the world. There, Amelie and Lambis have no choice — they must yield to their fiery, uncontrollable passion!

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For some holiday magic… Home Sweet Home by Susan Mallery

With twinkling humor and heartfelt Christmas spirit, two friends find love in a town called Wishing Tree…

Until Camryn Neff can return to her ‘real’ life in Chicago, she’s in Wishing Tree to care for her twin sisters. She’s not looking for forever love, not here. But handsome hotelier Jake Crane is a temptation she can’t resist, so she suggests they pair up for the season. No golden rings, no broken hearts. At his side, she sees her hometown through Christmas-colored eyes. The cheer is cheerier, the joy more joyful. She thought she had put her future on hold…but maybe her real life was here all along, waiting for her to come home.

New in town, River Best is charmed by Wishing Tree’s homespun traditions and warmhearted people. When she’s crowned Snow Queen, she’s honored but wary. Dylan Tucker, her king, seems like the stuff of sugarplum dreams, but she can’t shake the feeling that he’s hiding something big. As they perform their ‘royal’ duties — tasting cookies, lighting trees — Dylan’s good humour and melty kisses draw her to the brink of love. But she can’t let herself fall until she uncovers his secret, even if her lack of faith means losing him forever.

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For anyone who loves a sexy cowboy… Merry Christmas Cowboy by Maisy Yates

As the snow falls on Four Corners Ranch, all this untamed cowboy wants for Christmas is the family he’s never had…

Cowboy Wolf Garrett is delighted his brother is happily married — really, he is. But time can never heal Wolf’s own wounds, so being surrounded by such marital joy is a bit…much. A trip to his extended family’s ranch in Copper Ridge seems the ideal change of scenery. Until he meets local innkeeper Violet Donnelly and realises he’s exchanged one form of torture for another — trying, and spectacularly failing, to resist their instant, wildly hot chemistry.

Violet knew Wolf was trouble the moment he walked into her inn. But it’s a whole new level of trouble when she discovers that their secret nights have left her pregnant! Especially when she has six feet of gorgeous, furious cowboy demanding that she come home with him for the holidays and marry him. Wolf has lost more than she could ever imagine, but Violet believes in the power of love to heal, and she’ll do anything to give their future family a chance. Wolf has already given her so many firsts — dare she hope he’s about to become her first Christmas miracle too?

Includes a bonus novella, Her Cowboy Prince Charming.

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Bookish Themed Perfumes…


Whispers In The Library by Maison Margiela

Relive the enchanting and contrasted memory of an antique library as notes of spicy Pepper essence, sweet Benzoin resinoïd and Vanilla absolute evoke the leaves of the books; and the sophisticated cedarwood essence recreates the scent of the wooden desk at which you are reading.

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Biblotheque by BYREDO

One spray is enough to bathe the neck in the atmosphere of a world suspended in time. A world of old books, the scent of their leather-bound pages arranged on dark wood shelves.

‘Bibliothèque is our most popular candle. In response to endless requests, Bibliothèque is appearing as an Eau de Parfum..’ Ben Gorham – Founder and Creative Director of Byredo.

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Mr. Darcy by Smells Like Books

I mean.. who doesn’t love Mr. Darcy? He is one of the OG book boyfriends, there is no doubt about that. This perfume from Smells Like Books has notes of sandalwood, oakmoss, black tea, and sweet fig. Nice and broody, just like Mr. Darcy

Bookish themed candles…


Bookstore Café Candle by The Literary Wick

Coffee, vanilla, cinnamon… when you smell this candle, you’ll picture yourself cozied up in the corner of a your favorite coffee shop with your favorite book. Handmade, vegan and hand poured palm wax, these candles are 100% natural.

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Books and Tea candle by Ten Points

Books + Tea? Our two favorite things, especially when they come together. Cozy up with a book, a hot cup of tea and light this candle to top it all off. With notes of White tea and Lavender, made from vegan soy wax.

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Romance Reader candle by The Black Veil Bookshop

Inspired by our love of romance books.

This fragrance smells fresh, zingy and packed full of super red, ripe berries and their beautiful aroma.

Made with 100% soy wax and high quality fragrances

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Bookish must haves…

USB Rechargeable Book Light from Glocusent Store

Us book lovers want to read even when the lights go out! A book light is an absolute must have and lets be real.. you can never have too many. This one is a favorite of mine, I have it in pink! It allows you to change the warmth of the light with 3 different settings and the brightness of the light with 5 settings. The light also moves, making it easy to adjust for your comfort.


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Book Embossers from StampfulStore

My book embosser has to be my favourite and most used bookish accessory! StampfulStore on Etsy has endless designs to pick from for your own custom book embosser. There is no better feeling than sitting on the ground and embossing all your books from your many book hauls, it’s what I look forward to the most when I buy a book!

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Reading Journal by Inker Leaf Press

This reading journal is another personal fave! Inside the journal there is an index for your reads and a reading wishlist. Each book entry gets two pages where you can enter all the books information as well as; – Recommended by/Why I picked up this book
– Date Started/Finished, My Ratings
– This Book in 3 Words
– Brief Summary/Key Takeaways
– Values/Themes/Ideologies Portrayed
– Fave Part/s, New Words Learned
– Review, Notes and Thoughts 

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Reading Journal by Lamare

A reading log journal for book lovers with the important facts such as Author, Title, & Rating with a full page for notes, summaries, & conclusions along your reading journey.

The reading journal makes your reading experience anything but black and white with FUN, colorful illustrations and inspirational quotes that bring your reading experience to life. Bright, catchy, and fun to fill out, Lamare’s list journal book helps you track your reading adventures like a great explorer logs their explorations – and with room for 80+ books!

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Book Dart Line Markers by Book Darts

These line markers are perfect for people who like to mark where their favourite quotes and scenes are but don’t like to write on their books! They’re minimal, stylish and affordable!

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Insulated Mug by Goodful

Sometimes you just get so enamored in a book that you don’t want to remake your hot tea! Buy the reader in your life an insulated mug to keep their hot drinks hot while they read! This one from Goodful will keep hot drinks hot for 3 hours or cold drinks cold for 8 hours.

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I hope this list provides you some inspiration for your gift buying adventures for the book lover(s) in your life!

Happy Holidays.


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