May Releases


May Releases

(apologies for the lateness of this post – I thought I’d scheduled it for 1 May. Turns out I’d scheduled it for 1 June! Technical difficulties…)

Congratulations to our May Escape Artists – read on for some fabulous new stories: rural Aussie meets French magnate, hot science fiction, emotional amnesia, witty contemporary, and one genre-bending title mixing fairy tales and suspense!

black diamonds

Black Diamonds, Eliza Redgold – A small Australian truffle farmer battles an enigmatic French magnate in a world of exotic locations, luxurious tastes, and the most expensive flavour in the world.


Enamoured, Shannon Curtis – A title that defies description (seriously, many have tried, few have succeeded. ).Let’s call it a debut in a series that mixes suspense, sex, and just a sprinkle of fairy dust.

awakening warrior

Awakening the Warriors, SE Gilchrist – A new, very hot story from our resident Queen of Science Fiction Romance. Set in the world of the bestselling title Legend Beyond the Stars, this is an erotic novella about two warriors who have lost the ability to desire, and the human woman who is about to wake them up.

legally addicted

Legally Addicted, Lena Dowling – A fast-moving, high stakes battle-of-the-sexes story with a Hepburn/Tracey flavor (and a hot one-night stand!).

forget me not

Forget Me Not, Nina Blake – For fans of amnesia stories – or bthe sweet, emotional reads of Susan Wiggs and Kat Martin, an unconventional reunion story that about love, hope, and forgiveness.