Man of the Month

by Diana Palmer

The Arabian Mistress – Lynne Graham

Begging for Prince Tariq Shazad ibn Zachir's mercy was the last thing Faye wanted to do. She hadn't seen Tariq since their wedding. But Faye's brother was imprisoned and only Tariq could grant his freedom. She'd expected her meeting with Tariq to be tough, but his ultimatum took her breath away: become his mistress and her brother would be released!

The Sheikh's Convenient Virgin – Trish Morey

Sheikh Tajik al Zayed bin Aman needs a convenient bride, so when he first sees Morgan Fielding an idea begins to form…

Morgan doesn't understand why Tajik is pursuing her – such a virile man could have any woman he desires. But once she arrives in Tajik's desert kingdom, he announces he will take her as his wife – and bedding her is only the beginning!

The Untamed Sheikh – Tessa Radley

Prince Shafir al Dhahara would not let foreign beauty Megan Saxon steal away his cousin's groom–to–be. Stopping her by seduction seemed the easiest plan. He'd simply make Megan fall in love with another man – him!

The Sheikh's Secret Son – Maggie Cox

When Sheikh Zafir el–Kalil discovers that he is a father, he'll do anything to secure his child – even marry the woman who betrayed him and kept their son a secret!

Darcy Carrick is older and wiser now. Once her heart would have soared to hear Zafir call her his wife. Now it will take more than sweet seduction to win back her love…

His Innocent Temptress – Kasey Michaels

Eldest son Alex would never disgrace the revered Coleman name by seducing Hannah Clark. Yet when the spirited beauty turned the tables, he found her impossible to resist. But Alex's destiny had been carved and his heart now faced the ultimate decision – the choice between love and duty.

The Sheikh Surgeon's Proposal – Olivia Gates

Caught up in the frantic life of an emergency doctor, Jay Latimer is swept off her feet by her handsome boss, playboy surgeon Sheikh Malek Aal Hamdaan.

Malek is entranced by Jay's strength and beauty, but he is also heir to the throne and not free to marry for love. Malek knows he can offer Jay a passionate relationship – but he also knows that the only proposal she deserves is to become his wife.

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Diana Palmer

Diana Palmer

The prolific author of more than two hundred books, Diana Palmer got her start as a newspaper reporter. A New York Times bestselling author and voted one of the top ten romance writers in America, she has a gift for telling the most sensual tales with charm and humour. Diana lives with her family in Cornelia, Georgia.

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