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Sweet Magnolias is (almost) back and to say we’re thrilled in putting it mildly!


Sweet Magnolias is (almost) back and to say we’re thrilled in putting it mildly!

Because it’s almost been two years since we last saw Maddie, Helen and Dana Sue on our small screens and the wait is almost over! Season two is finally ready for debut on February 4th and if you haven’t already devoured every book in this fabulous series by New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods then there’s no time like now!

But before we start mixing up margaritas and pouring it out, we need to remind ourselves where everything was left after season one.

The Gals

In the beginning Maddie is coming to terms with her divorce and the fact that her life seems to be unravelling before her very eyes. She’s lost her husband, she might lose her house, and her kids are understandably angsty. Throughout the season, we see her strength and resourcefulness shine through, boosted by her friendship with the other Sweet Magnolias, a budding relationship with Cal and a new job. But not all is rosy, and Maddie’s happily-ever-after has a kink when she and Cal have a fight over her son’s future and her ex-husband wants a second chance!


Helen is the whip-smart and level-headed, pull-no-punches kind of gal we all wish was our best friend. She’s a lawyer to boot and helping Maddie settle her divorce. She also purchases a big ol’ house that she plans to turn into a spa and wants her friends to help her run it. Throughout season one, Helen is eager to help as many people as she can, which unfortunately comes at the detriment of her own needs. She yearns for a family but when she learns her boyfriend doesn’t want kids, she is naturally shattered. But could there be a silver lining in the shape of another man?

Dana Sue is the best-est kind of friend because she has cocktails already made and ready for swilling the moment we first meet her! In season one, Dana Sue must overcome a few obstacles and while she handles a thieving employee and her own angsty teenager who seems to have an axe to grind against the town of Serenity, she is also dealt a personal health scare! Add in the hottest farmer on earth and her husband turning up unexpectedly, and it’s a rollercoaster ride for our bubbly chef!

The Guys

I’m starting with Bill because he’s Maddie’s ex, and hopefully will remain that way forever after cheating on her with a younger woman. Said woman — Noreen — is pregnant and while I don’t want to like her, I can’t help but do! But Bill is a jerk and a pain and has only two redeeming factors. A) he’s a doctor and B) he’s the father of Maddie’s kids. Whatever you’re doling out, Bill, we don’t want it!

Now for the good guys…and Coach Cal, who in my eyes is unequivocally the guy for Maddie and not because those eyes are slightly glazed over because of his undeniable good lucks and physique. This guy is charming, okay? He’s the type of guy you would want to have a beer with or turn to for advice, and sure he makes mistakes, but he gets on well with her kids and his and Maddie’s chemistry not only sizzles but is oh-so perfect! Even though by season’s end, things are a little rocky and I was almost screaming at my TV, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for these two.

As for Helen, Ryan seems to be the man, but their relationship is tenuous to say the least. Whilst they have history and chemistry together, their life goals are very different, which is heart-breaking for Helen and for me, because the moment she starts crying, I’m a blubbering mess too.

But not all is lost because there’s another man on the scene and I absolutely adore Erik! He is possibly the nicest character in the show and proves it time and time again, especially when he’s there to offer Helen a hug when she needs one the most. He also brings brownies and ice cream, and my heart is a gooey mess. If these two don’t get together within the first episode of season two and start making beautiful babies, I may just riot!

Dana Sue, on the other hand, may just be the luckiest woman on earth with two men to choose from! We meet hot farmer Jeremy first and while I was still picking my jaw up off the floor, he’s teasing and making moves on Dana Sue right away, and she’s giving it right back to him! Who would have thought talking about tomatoes could be so sexy?!

But then Ronnie turns up when we least expect it and it’s all so very mysterious. He’s also already got one up on Jeremy because he’s Annie’s dad and their relationship is solid despite the fact he’s been God knows where due to God knows what. He’s also technically still married to Dana Sue, and she seems to still be quite susceptible to his charm! What’s in store for this love triangle in season two is anyone’s guess!

The Kids

All three of Maddie’s kids are trying to come to grips with their parents’ break-up, but the two eldest, Tyler and Kyle, are featured more than their younger sister, Katie. Tyler is the jock star baseball player and Kyle is the theatre-nerd. Thrown into the mix is Annie, Dana Sue’s daughter and a budding photographer. While all the kids are good friends, it gets a lot more interesting when we discover that Annie has a crush on Tyler and Kyle has a crush on Annie. Cue the feels!

The Finale

My heart was jumping faster than someone could say cliffhanger the moment we saw the car wreck and Kyle being pulled free, only to soon learn that someone else was in the car! As to who and how hurt they are, we don’t know!  It could be Tyler or Annie or even that girl Nettie that Kyle was hanging out with. Some fans have even theorised that it’s Noreen!

For me, my money’s on Annie because it would make for a very interesting storyline for Maddie and Dana Sue, not to mention Dana Sue and Ronnie! Even more so if — God forbids — Annie doesn’t survive. Cue the horrors!

Season two has a lot to live up to and I cannot wait!

Written by Jo-Ann Milne

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