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We Have Your Valentine’s Day Set With These Romantic Reads


We Have Your Valentine’s Day Set With These Romantic Reads


Looking for some romance this Valentine’s Day? These romantic books are the perfect Valentine’s Day date!

Lone Star Valentine by Cathy Gillen Thacker

Lone Star Valentine

Compromise…or all-or-nothing?

The heart-stopping attraction’s still there, but today Mayor Lily McCabe needs only one thing from old flame Gannon Montgomery – the best damn legal counsel ever. The stakes are high – custody of Lily’s son Lucas. And the rules are clear: Lily’s not giving Gannon the chance to break her heart again.

Gannon’s only in town to sell the family ranch, but Lily makes sticking around seem pretty attractive. He can see the desire in her eyes every time they’re thrown together. But Lily won’t compromise, and Gannon can’t let go. Someone’s gotta give!

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Crazy About Her Impossible Boss by Ally Blake

Crazy About Her Impossible Boss

A man in a million…there’s only one problem: he’s her boss!

Single mum Lucinda Starling has lost faith in love or happy-ever-afters. She must protect the important things: her young son and her job working for entrepreneur Angus Wolfe! Her commitmentphobe boss must never know she’s crazy about him! Until one evening at a conference he looks at her like she’s the only woman in the world…dare she risk all and be tempted by Angus?

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The Single Mum’s Second Chance by Kathy Douglass

The Single Mum's Second Chance

She could use a shoulder to lean on. ‘We’ll get through this. I promise.’

Facing the fight of her life after a cancer diagnosis, widow Roz Martin is forced to ask her estranged brother-in-law to help care for her children. Being there for his nieces and nephew is a no-brainer for gym owner Paul Stephens. But being there for the woman who’d betrayed him by marrying his half brother is hard. Especially when he discovers the feelings he once had for Roz never died…

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Claiming the Cowboy’s Heart by Brenda Harlen

Claiming the Cowboy's Heart

The cutest threesome in Haven is still in diapers!

Opening Haven’s first boutique hotel is Liam Gilmore’s long-time dream come true, especially when he hires alluring Macy Clayton as manager. Good thing the single mother’s already spoken for – by her adorable eight-month-old triplets! Liam isn’t looking for forever – so why is the playboy rancher fantasising about a future with Macy and her trio of tiny charmers?

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The Cinderella Countess by Sophia James

The Cinderella Countess

From rags to riches…by the earl’s side!

Abandoned as a small child, Annabelle Smith has only vague memories of her past. Now living as a healer in London’s poverty-stricken East End, she receives a life-changing visit from the rich and imposing Lytton Staines, Earl of Thornton. He needs a cure for his ailing sister and helping him thrusts Belle into his dazzling life of luxury. But it’s Lytton who makes her world come alive!

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Falling for Her French Tycoon by Rebecca Winters

Falling for Her French Tycoon

Could a temporary job…lead to forever with her boss?

Before she formally adopts her nephew, Nathalie Fournier decides to try to find his father. Her search leads to a picturesque Provençal vineyard where she takes a temporary job — and becomes captivated by her boss, billionaire Dominic Fontesquieu. Dominic’s the man of Nathalie’s dreams, but can he escape the ties of his family to claim her as his own?

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Cowboy’s Vow to Protect by Carla Cassidy

Cowboy's Vow to Protect

Riding bulls was the greatest danger he’d faced. Until he met her…

When Flint McCay finds Madison Taylor hiding in the barn at Holiday Ranch, he knows she’s in trouble. He just doesn’t know what kind. It’s clear that she’s been hurt — and that she’s terrified of opening up to any man. As the cowboy slowly bonds with Maddy, he learns that a powerful man will stop at nothing to destroy her — but Flint will do anything to save her.

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One Night to Risk It All by Katherine Garbera

One Night to Risk It All

Family honor demands payback. He craves so much more…

Formula One champion Inigo Velasquez loves fast cars — and faster women. Yet one night with socialite Marielle Bisset has his brakes screeching. She’s beautiful…and the woman who hurt his sister. To Inigo’s family, Marielle’s the ultimate adversary. In his bed, the sultry enigma is so much more. Inigo is used to winning — but can he win Marielle without losing his family?

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Lawfully Unwed by Allison Leigh

Lawfully Unwed

Is he getting too close to this damsel in distress?

Coming to the rescue of a wronged colleague is all in a day’s work for Wyoming attorney Archer Templeton. But Nell Brewster isn’t just any lawyer; Archer has long had his eye on his stepsister’s best friend. She accepts his help but when their motion to dismiss a growing attraction is overruled by a one-night stand, there are unexpected consequences…

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Happy Valentine’s Day book lovers!


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