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6 New Dating Shows To Curb Your Reality Dating Appetite


6 New Dating Shows To Curb Your Reality Dating Appetite

Love watching (or hate-watching) reality TV dating shows like The Bachelor AU, Love Island and Beauty & The Geek?

Me too! I can’t get enough of a ~slightly~ trashy reality TV show where beautiful people fall in love. It’s the perfect smooth-brain content for a rainy weekend, or a week in isolation, as these shows are both compulsively bingeable and simultaneously require no thought to watch. Truly the definition of ‘no thoughts just vibes’.

If you’re looking for some bingeworthy reality TV dating content for your La Nina summer here are our top 6 picks!


1. Too Hot To Handle


Too Hot To Handle first dropped on our screens in 2020, right at the start of the first lockdown and it was truly the perfect balm. A group of hot singles from around the world are sent to a beautiful paradise island and told they’re on a ‘Love Island’ style show. They think they’re in for a summer of hookups, romance and relationship drama, but SURPRISE the twist is that they’re on a reality dating show where no one is allowed to touch. Any intimate contact is punishable by a fine, deducted from the prize pool, which makes this show both compelling for its relationship drama and for the group dynamic as some competitors begin to deliberately flaunt the rules to mess with the prize money. Truly compelling stuff, and surprisingly heartwarming at parts. Season 3 just dropped on Netflix and I know what my weekend plans are…

Watch it on: Netflix

2. Married At First Sight


Infamous, watchable in a ‘can’t look away from this car crash’ kind way, and a staple of Australian TV. MAFS season is almost here! Watch 10 singles agree to marry someone they’ve never met before, then have to live as a couple for the next few months, whilst interacting with the other newlywed couples. It is peak chaos, all drama, barely any romance. Tune in for the lavish weddings if nothing else.

Watch it on: Channel Nine Australia

3. Love Is Blind


Netflix dropped the first (and only) season of this intriguing show in 2020. On the show singles meet each other in isolated bubbles (how pandemic) and have to form relationships without ever seeing one another’s faces. The second half of the show follows the couples who formed as they navigate life outside the bubble. While not a show without its own drama, this show seemed somewhat more mature than the usual reality dating show offer, and I can’t wait to binge season 2 when it drops on Netflix in February.

Watch it on: Netflix

4. Singles Inferno

Stranded and ready to mingle, nine young flirty Korean singles search for love on a deserted island that they can only escape as couples for date nights on their new island paradise. It’s another tropical dating show offering from Netflix, and the perfect rainy-day binge.

Watch it on: Netflix

5. The Bachelor US


The Bachelor US is an institution for all reality TV fans. This new season follows former contestant Clayton Echard as he dates (and eliminates) 30 women throughout a period of a couple of months. The American seasons of The Bachelor/ette are SO much better than the Aussie versions, and if you’re a die-hard fan I thoroughly recommend a watch.

Watch it on: TBC (but seasons usually drop on 9Now Australia)

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6. The Language of Love

I haven’t seen this brand-new UK dating show yet, however the premise is SO intriguing. The Language of Love is an all-new reality dating series that sees a group of Brits and a group of Spaniards pairing up at a dreamy Spanish country estate and attempt to forge a connection despite not speaking each other’s language. HOW INTERESTING.

Watch it on: TBC

What is your favourite reality-TV dating show?

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