ARRA Nominees – Sarah Belle


ARRA Nominees – Sarah Belle

Why Hindsight should win the ARRA for the Favourite Sci-Fi, Fantasy or Futuristic Romance Novel of 2013

I’ve been a stay at home mum ever since I had my fourth son, almost five years ago. But next year he will be joining his three older brothers at school, so the time has come for me to think about my career options, post-stay at home kids.

I’ve put together a photo-resume of some of the jobs I’ve been doing around the house, in conjunction with usual mum stuff like cooking food that no one wants to eat because it has a vegetable in it, picking clothes up off the floor, and constantly wiping urine splatter off the toilet seat (because apparently it’s sooooo hard to remember to lift it when they pee!).

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far…

Covering school books with contact paper. No, I wasn’t drinking at the time. A friend asked me if I threw the book at the contact paper. Of course, I didn’t, but I may as well have. At least my son won’t get his book confused with anyone else’s…

book covering
Making baked goods for morning teas and birthdays. This particular concoction was meant to be a brownie so rich, decadent and fudgie that no icing was required. It looked so much more appealing in the recipe book though.

cake bakingOrganising family holidays – like this one last year where we were caught in a cyclone and then flooded in for an extra three days when the road out of town turned into a river. We missed the first two days of school for the new year. (Love the billboard in the background though!)

holiday disasterThis year on our annual family get away, we all came down with Gastro – you know the saying, the family that vomits together stays together… (I won’t show you pictures of that one!)

And finally, costume designing for special school occasions…

This, believe it or not, is my son dressed up as a star. He refused to surrender to my grand ideas and the closest I could manage was a t-shirt with the word ‘universe’ on it, and a glitter hat sprinkled with purple stars. See, you’d never know the difference!

costumeBelow is my very creative interpretation of Spiderman face-painting. Look at how overjoyed my youngest is at my skill! (Yes, I am aware that the spider has a pair of legs coming out of its head. Like I said, it’s an ‘interpretation’).

spidermanMy husband says I should stick to writing…so do my kids…and their school teachers.

9689So, if you vote for Hindsight, you will actually be doing the world a huge favour, because if I don’t succeed at this writing gig, I will be forced to open my own business catering for children’s dress up parties. Yep – I’d do the costuming and catering for families. I am even thinking of a sideline of holiday/event organising.

Do the world a favour and spare the unsuspecting population of my crap baking, costuming, and holiday planning skills and Vote 1 for Hindsight in the Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Futuristic Category at this year’s ARRA Awards! Generations of children will thank you.

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