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How To Create The Perfect Book Nook


How To Create The Perfect Book Nook

Is there anything better than spending a cold winter’s evening tucked up with a good book?

Make your own little reading nook the perfect place to dive into a new read with these tips.

Get creative with your seating

Whether you’re sprawling out on a couch or lounging in a chair, make sure you have a comfy spot that is perfect for you. This can include a pile of pillows, a great chair suitable for reading outdoors or on your balcony, or anything else you need to truly maximize your relaxation time.

Plan for storage

Use your reading space as a way to keep things organized and have your favorite reads within reach. Whether it’s getting a bookcase or trendy storage boxes that double as room décor, finding a fun and easy way to keep your impressive collection straight is a great addition to a new reading nook.

Don’t forget to add light

It’s so important to have heaps of light in and around your book nook – whether that’s having your nook right by the window, or making sure you’ve got a soft light lamp to create the perfect reading ambiance!

Make sure to have a space for your tea cup (or glass of wine)

Is there anything more cosy than having a big cup of tea while you read? Or even better, a hot chocolate! Make sure you incorporate a small table, shelf or stand in your book nook so you can pop down your steaming mug of tea, and perhaps a chocolate biscuit on the side…

Optimise a temporary space

We know that you can’t always dedicate a space to just reading. That doesn’t mean you still can’t set aside a special corner for some designated reading time, or create a special multi-purpose space your whole family can enjoy. Whether it’s a special soft blanket that you associate with reading time, using foldable furniture as a way to make the space extra special, or just making sure everyone knows that corner of your room by the window is for bookworms only, you can always make sure your pre-existing space is still very reader-friendly. 

Do you have a favorite reading space? Let us know in the comments section below where you love to enjoy your favorite books!

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