Puttin’ on the Ritz


Puttin’ on the Ritz

by Kate

Well, it’s over – we’ve been planning the launch day celebrations for Escape Publishing for so long, that it’s hard to believe it’s been and gone. I keep finding myself in a mild panic that I’m not working on launch stuff, only to realise that I no longer have launch stuff to do. It’ll probably take a few days for the realisation to sink in and the relief to take over. We did it, and boy, what we did.

Some of you may have followed the hashtag (#goescape) on the day, but here’s a basic run down (with pictures) of what launching Escape Publishing entailed.

Cast your minds back to early Wednesday morning. Maybe you woke up late; maybe you went to the gym; maybe you lingered over coffee; maybe you were an Escape Publishing launch author and had to get up seriously early to get to Sydney and the luxurious Intercontinental Hotel for a day of make-up and media, promotion and PR.

Rhian Cahill was a wee bit sceptical about someone else doing her hair

During the day, most of the authors were ducking out for photo shoots, radio, and newspaper interviews. The fantastic Jane helped everyone out with a PR primer, so we were all prepared to answer any question that came at us – which, admittedly, often had

something to do with 50 Shades of Grey.

The gorgeous Rebekah Taylor in make-up chair

It wasn’t all work though – check out the ride that came to pick us up for a tour around Sydney Harbour.

Why, yes, that *would* be a white stretch limo

Now, check out my expression on discovering this was our ride:

I was meant for a glamorous lifestyle

We went to the harbour for a photo shoot and, readers? It was very, very cold.

We’re all freezing in this photo

Then it was finally time to get the party started (P!nk style. Or maybe not).

the launch authors with Michelle Laforest and Cristina Lee from Harlequin Australia

Escape Publishing, as you’ll know, has a key for a logo, so it only made sense to go through the keyhole to get to the party.

It’s a bit like Alice through the Looking Glass, but with a happier ending. And no hallucinogenic caterpillars. Yet.

Each of the authors had a signature cocktail named after their book. My favourite was Chaos Born – a twist on a margarita. Non-drinkers were also In Safe Hands, with Lee Christine’s mocktail.

Attending the party at the lovely ECQ bar on Circular Quay were Escape authors – both launch and upcoming, Harlequin staff, Harlequin authors, industry professionals, media, bloggers, and guests, which made for a very crowded room.

But it was really all about the launch authors and celebrating their stories – and all the fabulous stories to come.

Gifts from Harlequin Australia: Swarovski pens to help ink many more novels and many more deals

Michelle Laforest congratulated the team, thanked the authors, and officially launched Escape Publishing.

And now, sadly, it’s time to come back down to real life, where no one does my hair for me, no one does my make-up for me, and no one does my laundry for me (which would be even better). Thanks to everyone who came along and made it such a brilliant night, and to everyone who couldn’t make it, but interacted via our twitter feed.

And just a reminder that our five launch titles are on sale now at a very special launch price – including Chains of Revenge which is free to download for a limited time. Check them out, and remember, we’d love to know what you think!

Yours in exhaustion,




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