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What We’re Watching, Reading & Listening To This Week


What We’re Watching, Reading & Listening To This Week

In this time of social isolation and social distancing we thought it would be fun for our writers to deliver bite-size snapshots into all the things you can watch, read and listen to to pass the time this week. Check out our latest picks below! 

What We’re Watching

The Outer Banks

Sarana: I guess you could call this the OC meets National Treasure set in North Carolina. We will called it the OB for now as you could literally draw a straight line from the East Coast from Outer Banks (OB) to West Coast Orange County (OC). A group of 4 teenagers, mostly from the poor side of town and one token rich girl get themselves into some very dangerous situations while trying to find the main character’s missing father and some sunken treasure. No one in this show remotely looks like a 17 year old but either did anyone in the OC. I’m pretty sure the main character was 37. There are plenty of parties on beaches, boat chases and teenagers slouching around, sleeping in, diving for lost treasure and generally not going to school. There is a plot in there I think, but I wouldn’t want to ruin it for you.
Where to watch: Netflix

First Wives Club

Eloise: Yep, we already discussed this one when we did our recap of the original First Wives Club movie a few weeks ago… and I FINALLY got round to watching it! It’s fun, fresh and a laugh-out-loud feminist comedy about three women reclaiming their lives after crushing divorces (by getting BACK at their cheating hubands)! The entire series is on Stan now so you can cosy up with a glass (or bottle) of wine and binge-watch right now!

Where to watch: Stan

The English Game

Saskia: When someone pitched this to me as Soccer (sorry, football) meet’s Downton Abbey, I was skeptical, but I’m trash for a historical drama so here we are. This miniseries was a delightful surprise – the characters are charming, the drama is realistic (but just wild enough to be gripping) and that boy Arthur Kinnaird is a snack. I was really pleasantly surprised that none of the characters were as obvious as they first appeared, and none of their decisions took the easy route. Whether you’re a football fanatic or you just need the pure escapism of a historical drama, The English Game is very worth a watch.
Where to watch: Netflix

What We’re Reading

Secrets of the Tulip Sisters by Susan Mallery

Sarana: This small town story is for anyone who loves Doctor Doctor. Two sisters are brought together again after years feuding. One sister is a tulip farmer in the town she was born and raised and the other is running away after multiple disasters in her personal life. Once reunited everything starts to unravel and secrets long buried come to the surface. Can the sisters forgive each other and discover what it means to be sisters again?
Find it here

The Mistress of Normandy by Susan Wiggs

Eloise: This week I felt like getting swept away in a rollicking, raunchy, historical romance. So I turned to Susan Wiggs. Her historical romances, like this one set in Medieval Normandy, is the perfect escapist read. Think castles, knights, fair maidens, swords and seduction… mmmmmmmm

Find it here

The Princess Plan by Julia London

Saskia: Keeping on the historical drama train, I decided to pick up Julia London’s The Princess Plan. This one’s a little dramatic, a little silly and all-round good fun. Society drama is one of my favourite tropes, and Julia London really captures the spirit of it in this one. Add a generous helping of romance, a feisty heroine and a hunky hero and you’ve got the perfect weekend read!

Find it here

What We’re Listening To

Dolly Parton’s America

Sarana: What a treasure Dolly is, her voice is unmistakable and until now I hadn’t given her all that much thought. Business woman extraordinaire, singer, songwriter, actress and musician. She brings people together across race, age, sex and political leanings. There are so many things I didn’t know about Dolly that I wish I had known. She has endured in an industry that is like no other. She is feisty and bold yet very vulnerable and this all comes across in this podcast. Whether its visiting Dollywood, reliving some the early days of her career or talking about her songs and the meaning behind them. We get to know the real Dolly. I will admit as she would talk about various songs I would listen to them and understand them in a way I never had before. Is Joleen based on a real person? only Dolly knows and she probably won’t ever admit it.
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One World Together At Home

Eloise: Over the weekend Lady Gaga brought together LITERALLY EVERY famous musician together to perform a streamed concert. Artists like John Legend, Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney, Keith Urban and Michael Bublé all came together to sing in a GIANT virtual concert. Literally huge, it goes for over 8 hours! Anyway the concert was in aid of raising money for health workers at the time and, perhaps even more profoundly, it truly shows the wonder that is humanity coming together. Some of the acts are fun and silly, some are profound and emotional, some are gut-wrenching, all are powerful. I’ve been playing the Youtube stream on repeat in the background all week and it’s been simply wonderful listening to these artists do what they do best.

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Sweet, scratchy vinyls (mostly Abba, let’s not lie).


Saskia: So I’m lucky enough to have a huge stack of my in-law’s vintage vinyls at home and these have proved a tremendous source of fun. Every evening we take turns picking one out of the pile and we dance around our kitchen – sometimes to the Beach Boys, there’s some Meatloaf, and there’s a lot of Abba. There’s something really special about listening to an album all the way through on vinyl. You can’t really skip the songs you’d normally flick past in your Spotify playlist, so you grow a new sort of appreciation for them. They’re the songs you pull our your silliest dance moves for, or the ones you use for a drink break. Some days, being home can be really hard, but with an old-school dance party waiting at the end of my work day I’m always guaranteed a pick-me-up.

Where to listen – now’s not the best time to go borrow your family’s vinyl collection if you don’t have any at home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have your own dance party. Make a Spotify playlist of some oldies-but-goodies, pledge not to skip any and get your boogie on!


Have a great weekend everyone!



By Sarana Behan, Saskia Largent & Eloise Plant

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