Playing For Keeps: What you need to know


Playing For Keeps: What you need to know

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Channel Ten has been hyping their new WAG-centric show for the last few weeks. With Playing for Keeps finally going to air tonight, we’ve got the lowdown on what you need to know.

  1. It’s all about the scandal

Within the first few minutes of the show, we’re thrust into a world of sex, sport and seduction. We see a couple having a heated discussion about an affair and one player comparing his latest squeeze to a special meal at the pub—here for a good time, not a long time. Trust no one, romance lovers. Things are about to get ugly.


  1. There’s a little bit of sugar

Yes, Playing for Keeps has a healthy dose of spice, but there’s a teensy bit of sweet in there too. The show opens with Paige (Cece Peters) reuniting with her high school sweetheart, Daniel, in the big smoke of Melbourne. Daniel is then put to the test when Queen WAG and total hottie Tahlia tries to hit on him … and yet he still goes home with his country love. Naww.

  1. Each story has two sides

Not everything is as it seems! Keep your eyes on the club coach (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor) and his wife, Kath—is she the perfect WAG matriarch who has it all? Spending up big is something she’s good at, but is that money keeping her warm at night? Turns out it is—or it pays for someone else to, anyway.

  1. Things are going to get dark

Yes, there’s a lot of light and fluffy in this show. It’s fun and flirty, and has a definite feel-good vibe to it. However, in the final minutes of episode one, things get real. Someone has died. But the real question is … was it an accident? Or murder?


She thought she had her future sorted, but life has other plans…
Get the reference, get the job, get out of here: I know what I want. What I’ve always wanted. What I’ve been raised to want. The only thing standing between me and my dream overseas nursing job is a reference from my boss – and a very special little girl in the hospice care where I work who I just can’t say goodbye to yet.
The last thing I need is Sawyer Benson, the AFL legend and an arrogant smile, coming in to visit the kids at the hospice and interfering with my life.
But when Emily tells me that girls can’t play football, I know that I have to prove to her that girls can do anything they want. So Sawyer and I strike a bargain. I’ll play his girlfriend when the camera’s on, and off–camera he’ll train me up for the Women’s Aussie Rules league try–outs. Together we’ll show Emily that girls are brave and strong and can do anything they dream of.
I still know what I want. I can walk away from footy and go back to my original plan. Football and arrogant smiles can’t be my future.
Can they?
“big on heart and story and I really adored it” – Sharon, Librarian




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